10 April 2007

Earnings Calendar

As usual, Dow-component Alcoa (AA) kicked off the new earnings season (and with results that exceeded expectations!). This made us wonder when the companies we follow will be reporting their earnings.

Given a stock name or ticker symbol, we found many web sites that will display the release date and the estimated earnings for the company. Briefing.com is one of the better sites with this capability.

However, we wanted to get, in one fell swoop, the dates and earnings for all the companies we analyze. Yahoo!Calendar comes close, if you first create a portfolio in Yahoo!Finance -- and who hasn't? Within the Calendar page, choose Options/Events/Time Guides and allow Financial Events for your portfolios to be displayed. Each day that is scheduled to include an earnings release for a stock in your portfolio will be indicated. Unfortunately, the calendar entry will simply indicate the ticker symbol and the word "Earnings." An estimate for the earnings per share is not provided.

Also, it appears that the Yahoo list isn't as complete as some other services. It doesn't include entries that other sites designate "unconfirmed."

Using Yahoo!Calendar, but filling in its omissions with information from other sources, we have compiled the following list of release dates for the companies that we have previously analyzed.

4/17: INTC
4/19: NOK
4/25: BUD, COP, PEP
4/26: MSFT, TDW
5/1: ADP
5/8: CSCO
5/9: EIX, KG
5/22: HD, WMT

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