08 April 2007

New Domain for This Site

If we can pull it off, this web site will move to http://www.financial-gauges.com in a few days.


  1. The instructions I was following told me that it would take two to three days for the site to become active and discoverable. It seems to have required no more than an hour. Or, did it???

  2. Maybe they were just giving you worst case scenario? Looks to be working fine.

  3. It seemed reasonable to me that some time would be required for the various domain name servers around the world to be notified of the new assignment, but maybe not.

    thanks for letting me know the new site is available in another part of the world.

  4. Usually they can make those DNS changes (around the world) in an hour or less. At least that is what we have experienced when we have made DNS changes.

    Good luck with the new domain. I like your choice of names.