01 September 2008

Updates to Tutorials

This blog's first posts, now almost two years old, were intended to provide foundational information for understanding and interpreting financial statements using the GCFR methods.

While writing about and applying these analytical methods, we've come up with various refinements to make them more accurate or to gain additional insights.  We'd like to think our understanding has improved over this time, although we have much, much more to learn.

In retrospect, the earliest posts seemed incomplete.  Because we still refer to them frequently, we've been updating and expanding the original material in the background.  We're not done yet, and we probably never will.

Since we're retaining the original 2006 dates on these posts, to avoid breaks to HTML links, regular readers might never notice the modified material.  However, those that want to brush up on tutorial information might want to take a look at one or more of the following posts: The Basics, Balance Sheet, and (our latest revision) Income Statement.

To be sure, interested readers can easily find much more complete tutorials.  Ours are specifically constructed to help readers understand GCFR analyses (and their limitations) and to provide the exact definitions of the various terms used in the analysis reports.

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