24 August 2009

MSFT: Financial Gauge Analysis for the June 2009 Quarter (Update)

We previously posted Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) preliminary Financial Gauge scores for the June 2009 quarter. 

Data from Microsoft's latest earnings announcement were used to calculate the scores, but Microsoft later filed a more detailed 10-K report for the fiscal year.

The description of the company's various business areas, challenges, and future opportunities, as it sees them, is quite a good read (see below).  However, there was nothing in the 10-K that changed the preliminary gauge scores or financial metrics. 

We also didn't find any discrepancies between the results reported via press release and the results filed with the SEC.  This is something to which we're particularly attentive.

In summary, Microsoft's latest GCFR gauge scores are as follows:

  • Overall: 61 of 100 (down from 69)

Since no number crunching was required, we used the time to create a word cloud of the "Business" section of the 10-K, using the strangely addictive Wordle web site.

When reading this section of the 10-K, it seemed as if Microsoft was stressing their powers of innovation.  But, we must have been confused because "innovation" can barely be seen (above "server").

 Full disclosure: Long MSFT at time of writing.

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